System integration represent the combination of several technologies such as video surveillance, access control, intrusion alarm, HVAC, environmental and elevator control, parking monitoring, networking infrastructure and a multitude of building systems that come together in order to provide more streamlined and efficient solutions.

Alpha TSi is one of the only security system integrator in Canada, with IT technicians certified on all the major unified security platforms.

Our goal is the implementation of quality products using the latest technologies to solve the business needs of our clients. Our job is to keep up with technology so that you don’t have to. Although each project doesn’t only involve a single problem, our creativity has solved many of these for our customers.

Different type of system integration

  • Surveillance video playback linked to access control
  • Intrusion alarm linked to video surveillance and access control
  • Lighting and heating control linked to access control
  • Logical and physical identification information integration
  • License plate recognition linked to video surveillance and access control
  • Highly efficient video analysis system integration

System integration advantages

  • Reduce business processes steps
  • Fewer complaints from the public
  • Higher number of requests treated in the same time frame
  • Reduce the number of errors
  • Reduce time and effort necessary for software development
  • Maintenance time reduced
  • Reduction of IT staff
  • Work procedures improvement
  • Better communication between departments
  • Shorter waiting times
  • Better data accessibility

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